Our magazine submissions are currently: CLOSED

Our next magazine submissions cycle is tentatively set to begin in February for publication at the end of April 2020.

Our reading period for chapbook submissions will be open in the new year – follow us on twitter for updates!

The theme for our first issue is friendship & found family. Release January 2020


Before you send us your lovely work we ask you to please read the following carefully:



  • All submissions must be in .doc or .docx format please! This is so we can track changes when we get back to you with any edits or comments.
  • We accept (in all genres):
    • Poetry: all types welcome! 1-5 poems per submission.
    • Flash fiction: up to 1,000 words per piece, the shorter the better!
    • Creative non-fiction/essays/opinion pieces: upper limit 2,000 words per piece
    • Fiction: up to 3,000 words per piece
    • Visual art: all mediums accepted, please send in .jpg 
    • We also accept hybrid pieces! 
    • Anything else you have that is ready to go and you’re super proud of – even if it doesn’t fit the conventional terms (or word limits) of the above categories. We are more than happy to have a look and see if there’s something we can do for you!
  • We accept simultaneous submissions but please let us know as soon as possible if somewhere else snaps up your work first!
  • We are happy to read multiple submissions however they must be submitted separately and no more than 3 per reading period please.
  • We do not allow previously published work unless it is only on your personal blog (and if so, send us a link so we can add it as credit!)
  • Please include content/trigger warnings at the beginning of your submission to enable us to better label it for our readers!
  • By submitting to Novi Press you are giving us the right to publish and distribute your work. The copyright always remains with the author but if the work is reprinted elsewhere we would appreciate you crediting Novi Press as the original publisher.



  • We are currently only a very small team of two but we will be aiming to respond to all submissions, accepted or otherwise, within three weeks. If we take a little longer feel free to drop us an email to remind us!
  • We will proofread to correct potential typos or grammatical errors but we will not amend styling in anyway. If you submit with everything in lowercase that is how we will publish it!
  • If we accept your piece we will work with you on editing format and content if necessary.
  • We aim to give feedback to everyone one who submits however we are also happy to give more detailed feedback and editing suggestions for submissions we reject, please let us know in your submission if this would interest you!



  • We are a small press just starting out so unfortunately we do not currently have the funds to pay contributors an outright, predetermined sum. 
  • However, here at Novi Press we are strong believers in two concepts:
    • There should not exist a financial barrier in getting your work out into the world. For this reason we vow to never charge a submission fee.
    • We believe that artists should be compensated for their work. We are working on a system to ensure that we stick by this value.
  • As we are just starting out, and frankly just doing it for the Love of Art™, we are only looking to cover the costs of actually making the issue. So our current solution is as follows:
    • All featured artists will receive 4 physical copies for free (as well as free digital download of the PDF version) for themselves and to share with loved ones (your found fam)
    • After 3 months, when our second issue is nearly ready to be released into the wild (eek!), we will look at the money that we have made in sales, take out the costs of making it, and the rest will be divided between the featured artists.
    • We will do our best to promo and publicise your work online!



  • We will NOT accept any work that incites hatred or violence towards anyone. We are an inclusive and diverse press looking to create a safe space for artists and voices that are heard less often and we have a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of bigotry. 
  • We also reserve the right to retroactively reject your submission or remove it from the issue if we find out you are acting this way anywhere else online or irl. Zero. Tolerance.



Now you have made it through all of that it’s time to submit! Thank you for considering Novi Press as a home for your work.



  • Send your submissions to submissions@novipress.com
  • Subject must read: Submission – Theme – Creation (poetry/short story/etc)
  • Please provide:
    • Your name (as you would like it published)
    • Website/social links
    • Please confirm you have the copyright to the piece(s) you submit
  • Please also include a short bio (approx. three sentences) along with your submission, we want to know the writers we are publishing and we’d like to include this in the issue. If accepted, we will also be happy to include your photo with your bio, and will ask you for this.


We can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!